Allow us to introduce you to our co-founding husband and wife duo, Ronit and Yoel Halaf. Back in 2019, Ronit and Yoel were struggling to find healthy AND tasty bread options in supermarkets, and we’ve all been there. How many times have you examined the back label on a loaf of bread and discovered added sugar, preservatives and strange ingredients you can’t even pronounce!?

        And so, they decided to make their own. As a Registered Dietitian, Ronit was driven to create a recipe that contained zero sugar and nourishing, nutrient-filled ingredients, while Yoel, a lifelong baker, was driven to create the tastiest bread you could sink your teeth into – talk about a power couple! They experimented with recipes, passing out LOTS of samples to friends and family, until they successfully created "The Original" ROYO which quickly became a cult favorite. Flash forward to today and they have a line of 6 delicious ROYO breads and buns

       Customers across the nation are falling hard for the tastiest vegan, low carb, and high protein bread and, for Ronit and Yoel, it’s a dream come true. We invite you to grab a loaf today – life’s too short not to treat yourself to something nutritious AND delicious!